Objective C

“I ain't no butcher's dog when it comes to Objective C, but I wanna be!”

Therese Kristiansen, Resentful at not being able to do apps before you can say Jack Robinson

Apple Developer

“I'm registered as an Apple Developer, and is familiar with the inner workings of XCode (but I'm not an expert YET)."

Therese Kristiansen, Software enthusiast


“With a wide range of knowledge within idea generation, innovation and concept developement, I'm passionate about the process!”

Therese Kristiansen, Process-oriented start to finish sort of gal

Organized messy head

“I love lists! On 38 different pieces of paper...”

Therese Kristiansen, Got her things in order (even though it doesn't seem that way)

App Concept Development

Iiiiihk! It's not done yet... I promise (!) it'll be done faster than a banana becomes a tripping mechanism!