Art Direction

Since November of 2011, I've been employed with Studenterlauget as the art director of Commerciel Magazine - a magazine, which addresses business students. The magazine has a circulation of 3,000 - 4,000 per issue, and have eight issues a year.

I participated in the development of the magazine in December 2011, but as an assisting art director (I do not take credit for the general layout at this point in time). Currently, I am furthermore responsible for three graphic designers and three photographers.

The job

  • responsibility for the layout and visual expression of the magazine
  • managing the graphic staff
  • managing the photography staff
  • linking the graphic designers' and the photographers' expectations with a simultaneous dialogue with the journalists and the editor-in-chief
  • partial photo editing
  • the final construction of the magazine
  • dialogue with the printer (the man, not the machine)
  • developing graphics for articles, features etc.
  • developing the banner promoting Commerciel on Studenterlauget's website
  • developing the Commerciel e-mag for Studenterlauget's website

Where can you check it out?

The magazine is free of charge at Aarhus University and the Business School in Aarhus. Furthermore, you can see the latest issues on Studenterlauget's website, where the in-house IT-guys are in charge of the upload of the magazine.

NB. To my great disappointment, I've found that due to new structure in the organization, the IT-guys have not been able to upload the magazine to their own servers the past year or so. So go to Issuu instead and check them all out!

Aarhus Case Competition

In February, I was asked if I wanted to be the art director on the production of a magazine for Aarhus Case Competition. Sure! Here, you can find the online version.

The issue was printed with a circulation of 6,000, and was used in all the Nordic countries to promote the first Case Competition in Aarhus - the competition itself (and the magazine) were a great succes.