AUDI CHALLENGE - Half Marathon in Aarhus

Audi Challenge needed designs for a beach flag, a post card with signup, a banner for the streets of Aarhus and ads for the local newspaper. Click here to see the post card.

Ads to come...

AVALEO - Software developer for the municipalities of Denmark

Avaleo had a long range of already designed graphic products. I was asked to further the line of graphics by doing a brochure, envelopes for fairs (to hand out to the visiting municipalities) and change the different banners (new pictures etc.) for advertising purposeses at fairs. Check out this link to see the brochure and this link to see the envelope.

MARSELISLØBET - Exercising in Aarhus

Marselisløbet needed a whole range of graphic products* - for advertisement and for the race itself. The list of products includes posters, banners, flyers, a beach flag, a giant triple banner alongside Aarhus 1900 and Audi Challenge, and a t-shirt. Check this out for the flyer!

T-shirt to come...

*Concept developed by Komma Kommunikation & Marketing

VISMA CONSULTING - IT Solutions for Insurance and Retirement

Visma had already had a graphic designer working on their brochure. Bur for some reason, changes that were to be made could not be done by the current graphic designer, alors, here comes I. Check this link to see the final brochure.

Aarhus 1900 - Exercise association in Aarhus

Other than including Aarhus 1900 in the aforementioned triple banner, they needed a beach flag design. - Kite surfing courses and club

Besides doing Kitevest's website, I also did their current logo (now also with included slogan) and a beach flag.

Murphy's Pub - Local pub in Herning

Murphy's was one of the first websites I did - and this actually happened after designing their new logo. After seeing the logo, the pub wanted a new identity to follow the cool new logo. The logo's font and background are now used in all the pub's materials (e.g. flyers, advertisements for bands on the tables, poster etc.).

GESTUZ - Exclusive clothing brand

Gestuz has an in-house graphic designer, but as I was developing their website, I did some photoshopping in order to get their vertical images to be more horizontal - to fit the site's width. Beneath are the before and after pics.