Cross-browser optimization


Due to the demand and needs of the clients, I have, in TK Graphics, by now specialized in CMS - mainly Joomla!. I have previously developed websites in WordPress, but today, I prefer the functionalities in Joomla!, among other things because I find this system the easiest for clients to use themselves.

It's with pride that I try to develop the sites as being functional, beautiful and modern - and simultaneously, the clients need to be able  to upload for example images themselves, without being dependant on me. Therefore, I always make a manual for the client plus give them a crash course in the site's backend, so the client (with self esteem in their luggage) can take over the site as being their own. Of course, I'm always available to the clients, day and night, if there should arise questions or problems.

UniPoint A/S - Leading in Denmark within the field of safety lighting

UniPoint A/S

UniPoint wanted a new website, which, midly speaking, was more up to date. I found that the user had a very hard time navigating the site and finding the correct products. I had an electrician (core user) try to find a specific product on the website, without any luck.

I therefore decided to make a much more clear product catalog, where there's a filtering search function, which allows the user to search based on specific values and components - and you can of course still search the entire product catalog.

Status: Online. Maintained and updated by TK Graphics

Kitevest - Kitesurfing courses in all of Jutland


Kitevest actually had a well-functioning website before, but the design was outdated and much of the information was either depricated or not thorough enough. After several considerations between Kitevest and I, we decided to start from scratch and make an entirely new concept with an updated logo and updated colors.

First and foremost, the site is made with the intention to inform the users as well as making it easy to sign up for the courses and camps offered. We've made the site much more clear, and you can sign up for a course or camp directly on the site - a possibility you did not have previously. We've hooked the site up to miscellaneous useful information, e.g. surf weather and a spot map, which shows the user where there's surfing going on on that particular day. Furthermore, we've setup a shoutbox on the frontpage, so the instructors can shout about weather conditions and courses, and the course participants can shout suggestions and comments. The site went online early March, and the Shoutbox is already widely used.

Status: Online. I've developed a shop, which is ready - we just need the last practical matters to settle with the suppliers. I am also constructing a new signup sheet, meking it even more easy for the user to sign up - giving them more details to choose from to make the signup more specific. We are furthermore developing translations for the site as we speak, into English, Norwegian and Swedish (TK Graphics will be doing the English translation).

Gestuz - Exclusive clothing brand


Gestuz' website was up until now constructed in Flash, which can look awesome. But it really limited the possibility for Gestuz employees to update it themselves. Furthermore, the SEO was really not optimal.

Gestuz contacted me, and after listening to their needs, I decided to make the site in Joomla!. This will make it way easier for the staff to insert images to galleries and even make new galleries, for when new styles or collections come out. I have also made a newsflash area on the frontpage, which acts as a teaser to the included blog. It has been made possible for the Gestuz staff to upload blog posts via the site's backend and via an app for iPhone. This way, they can blog directly from the field, from e.g. photo shoots.

Furthermore, Gestuz became my guinea pig, as this is the first site where I've hand coded a JavaScript function: the Store Locator.

Status: Online. Maintained by TK Graphics in co-operation with Gestuz.

Murphy's Pub - Local pub in Herning

Murphy's Pub

While I was working as a bartender at Murph's Pub, I decided to make them a new logo, since the former was outdated and plain boring. I wanted to make them a logo which was more compatible with the cozy atmosphere of the pub, as well as the rustic, English/Irish, pubbish ambiance.

When the logo was done, the bosses (luckily) loved it, and we therefore decided to recreate the entire identity, so everything matched the ambiance of the logo. We therefore made new menus, slides for big screens and posters - and then we certainly needed to change the website. My company was therefore hired to do the job. The site is modern yet holds on to the atmosphere of the pub itself. The site contains an event calendarm, blog posts, menu cards and other information which could be useful to the user. All you need for an old-fashiones, rustic yet modern pub.

Status: Online. Maintained by the current manager of the bar with assistance from the manual I created for them.

Vester Kjærgård - Denmark's second best pig breeder

Vester Kjærgård

Vester Kjærgård has had a website since 2006, which hasn't been updated since 2009. They have therefore within the company discussed whether to close it down or go all in with a new one. Luckily for me, they chose the latter.

Status: Online. Maintained by the owner with assistance from the manual I created for them.

Seneste hjemmesider - dybdegående forklaringer er på vej


I would not call myself an expert. But along the way, I've learned more and more about SEO, and more often than not, the sites I've created are amongst the top 5 on the first page on Google. What I take pride in, is listening to the experts and doing SEO according to the book - making sure the sites never get blacklisted.

In cooperation with the customer, we create a long list of meta tags and a highly descriptive meta description. I make sure the customer writes texts that are coherent with recommended online communication, and use these texts as a source for meta tags. Lots of other stuff go into it that I've spend hours researching, but most importantly, I make sure that the site is hooked up to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools (either managed by TK Graphics or the customer him/herself). This way we can always make sure that we optimize the site according to search terms and the like.

 Cross-browser optimization

I have to be honest, I wish Explorer (and especially IE6-8) never existed! That browser makes the job double hard - at least it did until I got the grasp on cross-browser optimization. When sites looked absolutely awesome in Firefox and you turn on Virtualbox, go to IE8 and find that Explorer messed it all up time and time again, you finally realize that it's kind of a blessing in disguise. I learned A LOT when I suddenly had to fix an entirely finished site because it looked crappy in Explorer. Well, I think I've learned how to manage it finally, and the online sites now looks the same in all browsers. (I HOPE!!!) Lol...